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Car Door Magnets - Shaped

Any shape you want. These magnets are designed to highlight and show off your logo or branding and are what you want if you want to stand out. Particularly on cars, people shouldn't be reading text like phone numbers and slogans while they drive. They will be much more likely to recall your business' name and logo which they can search later and recognise. They are also great for magnetic street signs, or just for showing off your artwork in or around your business. Like the other Car Door Magnets the protective weather coating ensures that you will get years of advertising out of your customised magnet.

  • Our car door magnets are made from a commercial outdoor grade rubber-iron alloy.
  • The magnetic material is 0.8mm thick.
  • Finished product is 0.9mm thick after UV resistant laminated vinyl is attached.

  • The print is completed using High Grade CMYK inkjet printing.
  • Artwork for our car door magnets are printed on a specially coated vinyl and then laminated using a UV resistant material thicker than the Cellosheen used for fridge magnets.
  • The vinyl and laminate are 0.05mm thick.
  • Finished product is 0.9mm thick after attached to magnetic material.

Popular Sizes
600mm x 200mm(Popular)
600mm x 300mm(Most Popular)
600mm x 400mm(Popular)
450mm x 300mm
400mm x 400mm
More Sizes
400mm x 300mm
400mm x 200mm
300mm x 300mm
300mm x 200mm
200mm x 200mm
Custom Sizes
You can have any size you like, however the maximum dimensions cannot exceed
2000mm x 600mm

2 - 3 business days to manufacture

Delivery Time

NSW1 - 2 days (metro) or 2 - 6 days (country)
VIC1 - 2 days (metro) or 2 - 3 days (country)
SA1 - 2 days (metro) or 2 - 4 days (country)
QLD2 - 3 days (metro) or 2 - 6 days (country)
TAS2 - 4 days (metro) or 3 - 5 days (country)
WA3 - 5 days (metro) or 4 - 7 days (country)
NT4 - 5 days (metro) or 5 - 7 days (country)

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Custom magnets without the custom price tag
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